A dreamlike and valuable location, completely surrounded by nature, where quiet, wellness and relax are not only a detail but a pleasure to enjoy every day. Many open air activities, together with scents, flavors, tastes, where the land still provides many precious natural resources.



Monte Isola is not only an enchanting island to visit but also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

It is also called the pearl of Lake d’Iseo, a mountain on an island, attracting every day visitors form every part of Italy and the world. Those who come to Montisola would never leave it, its charm is indescribable, as it is surrounded by villages where fishermen still preserve antique traditions and customs.

When you arrive at Monte Isola, you immediately feel the desire to visit the surroundings, through the alleys, to hear the sound of water rocking slowly the naet, the antique boats of fishermen. Even words can be articulated through the sweet melody of the lake, every sound is a whisper, as if it were a sacred place and for that to respect. And the emotions fly…close to the heart.



The unique place of the Pyramids of Zone attracts thousands of visitors every year.

They are usually called “stone fairies”, as they represent one of the most amazing natural phenomena in Valle Camonica. They are located on the plateau Cislano, in the municipality of Zone at an altitude of 600 meters. The high spires (reaching 30 meters of altitude) surmounted by a wide rock, originated by the erosive action of water.

This phenomenon show evidence of the existence of an antique glacier, which once covered the entire area. The erosion process is continuous, new examples still originate, creating deep grooves in some areas, similar to canyon. The access to the reserve is free, and the itinerary entails an ring-shaped pathway which is easy to access.



The National Park of Rock Engravings was created in 1955 and recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979, first Italian archeologic park, for the protection and promotion of one of the most important rock complexes decorated with prehistoric and protohistoric rock engravings of Valle Camonica.

The complex has 104 sandstone rocks, originated by the erosive action of glaciers, engraved with some of the most important representations of the rock art of Valle Camonica. The Park has been created to protect, preserve, enhance and promote the knowledge of the rock art heritage.

Some rocks are big, like the Roccia 1, which will dazzle the visitor’s eyes for the extraordinary richness and variety of engraved figures, about a thousand. Representations include animals, armed men, vertical frames, pallets, houses, cup-marks and a labyrinth. Absolutely to visit!



The heart of Bergamo is represented by its Upper town, surrounded by walls, already existing in the Roman age and rebuilt during the Middle Ages. You should start your tour around Bergamo from here, enjoying the wonderful panoramic views and the ancient remains that still survive.

It is worth visiting Piazza Vecchia, the symbol of the town, where Palazzo della Ragione dating back to the period of Communes is placed; Campanone, once town tower and nowadays the location of a university, whose bells strike 180 times a day every night at 10 p. m., representing the closure of the town doors for the night; Town Library Angelo Mai, placed in a beautiful building in white marble which dates back to the seventeenth century, where once the Municipality was located.

From the Dome, it is possible to visit the Chapel of Crucifix. The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the Chapel of Colleoni are close to it. From Piazza Vecchia it is easy to reach Colle Aperto, and by taking the cable train to reach Colle of San Virgilio and Parco delle Rimembranze which is located on the hill of Sant’Eufemia, the highest in Bergamo, standing around the fourteenth century fortress.



A tour around the lake d’Endine represents the perfect “trip outside the city” where you can enjoy quiet and relax. A small and quiet blue lake frames the most famous locations placed near the lake in the area.

You should visit the eastern side of the lake: Monasterolo, San Felice, Prua. There are many picnic areas equipped with braziers for tasty grills with friends. The small lake is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape ideal not only for walking but also for jogging and tours by bike.

You can find beaches where you can sunbath, well equipped picnic areas, pedalo and canoes rental. You can find minigolf and play area for children, bar and ice creams parlors from Spinone al Lago. Beautiful, unique and suggestive also in winter!