The praise of the Guardian to Lake Iseo

The praise of the Guardian to Lake Iseo
“Go there and see the autumn ‘
“Ten days ago we brought you the translation of the article in the Daily Mail in which the journalist Thomas W. Hodgkinson narrated, enraptured, the beauties of Bergamo. Oltremanica, however, was not the only one to be enchanted of our city and its province because, a few days later, even the well-known newspaper the Guardian’s website paid tribute to our land, specifically the cradle of nature and culture, which is the Sebino.

The travel journalist Joanne O’Connor has dedicated an article strongly recommend a holiday on the shores of Lake Iseo, including excursions and savory delicacies, including villages and breathtaking views. A route between Bergamo and Brescia, which we hope will bring many tourists in this pearl set between the mountains and the Lower, hidden among the more well-known Lake Como and Lake Garda. A sweet escapism that so many of us are familiar with. We propose the translation of the article ”

The trip to the lake by the Italian favorite

Lake Garda and Lake Como you take all the glory (and the hordes of tourists), but hidden among them, lies the charming Lake Iseo, often overlooked and little-known. In summer, on weekends, is a favorite of Italians living in Milan and Bergamo (which is conveniently connected by bus and train). In autumn, when the woods on the hills become a spectacle of color and fog it covers the surface like a veil of the lake, is a place with beautiful landscapes and perfect for relaxing, enjoying the beauty of the city on the banks and the valuable local architectures. And also try the best that can offer the Lombardy in terms of wine and food.

What to do

The first thing is to take the ferry and head to the beautiful Monte Isola, in the middle of the lake, where you can visit the fishing villages, with typical houses in pastel colors, and take a walk, slightly uphill, to the Sanctuary of Ceriola the church situated on the highest point of the island. The Antica Strada Valeriana hugs the eastern shore of the lake, connecting Brescia to Valcamonica, whose Alps are famous for rock carvings dating back to the Stone Age. There are several trails, all signposted. Going a little further south, you will be welcomed by the Franciacorta area, known for its sparkling white wines, produced with the same steps used to produce champagne. Get a map of the Route of Franciacorta wine and enjoy a driving route of about 50 miles (80.5 km, ed) through vineyards, characteristic places and rich tasting.

Article from “BergamoPost”

L’elogio del Guardian al Lago d’Iseo «Andateci a vedere l’autunno»

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