The history of the restaurant Miranda began long ago, both in timing and in the places. Are the ’50s when the young Orestes Polini, who emigrated to Switzerland in search of a job, is for the first time fascinated and seduced by the world of catering.

It is committed for years in various roles within the elite hotels, gradually passing from a night porter dishwasher, bartender, if necessary, to become head nurse.

It is in these years that the mind of Orestes takes increasingly shape the idea completely innovative for its time to also offer to his small native village a welcome and quality catering model. The right opportunity presents itself when in 1959, thanks to Swiss earnings, the worker Bergamo unable to purchase what appeared to be the perfect location for his project, the elegant home of Sassu, famous painter of Sardinian origin who on the shores of lake Iseo had found inspiration for his watercolors illustrate an edition of “the Betrothed.”

The native of Riva di Solto was a great friend and a man of faith who knew the artist as a boy, in times of war shared ideology and also the difficulties. This is where the restaurant was officially born Miranda, but for all “by Orestes.” If in the beginning the clientele was almost exclusively local, the fame of Miranda soon expanded also attracting foreign tourists can also stay in hotel rooms that over time have been joined to the catering environment.

The undisputed queen of the kitchen has been for more than twenty years Elvira, the wife of Orestes. Who still does not remember the smells and the delicacy of its Croutes aux champignons, of vallesanne crepes or scallops to Colbert?

The restaurant has always stood out for its family-run, passing from generation to generation; In fact, the management in 1980 is entrusted directly to Louise, the eldest daughter of Elvira and Orestes. Five years later, the task goes to his brother Roberto, who, in collaboration with Wilma and supported by a comprehensive and specialized staff, achieves the breakthrough and renewal. And since the past few years he has become part of the team’s son Sergio.

Today the Hotel Miranda offers its customers, in addition to a breathtaking view, a relaxing environment surrounded by greenery of its olive trees and a large outdoor pool and attentive staff and fine cuisine. The menu proposed by Chef Pasquale and Roberto also includes international cuisine, but there is also a marked predilection for fish, especially at the lake, so, if you are comfortable in one of the two rooms of the restaurant, meet between numerous delicious specialties sardines dried accompanied by polenta, risotto to a lake perfume, crayfish tails in a crust of crispy potatoes, all accompanied by an extensive wine list selected by Sergio.

These are the basic traits of Miranda, one of the historical Riva di Solto restaurants, synonymous with quality since 1959, which can boast among numerous customers also several celebrities including the unforgettable Gimondi, the motorcycle champion Agostini, the magician Silvan, the comedian. Renato cockpit.

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